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Dwain Weston: The Last Jump Caught on Camera – “Whatever Happens Happens”

by Clara Lai

Welcome to BungeeCity.com, the ultimate destination for adrenaline junkies and extreme sports enthusiasts! Prepare to be captivated by the exhilarating and heart-stopping tale of Dwain Weston, a fearless daredevil who lived by the motto, “Whatever happens, happens.” In today’s blog post, we dive into the world of extreme sports and explore the last jump of this legendary figure, all caught on camera. Get ready to hold your breath as we recount the awe-inspiring and tragic flight that forever etched Dwain Weston’s name in the annals of extreme sports history. From the Royal Gorge Bridge incident to the aftermath and legacy he left behind, we’ll take you on a thrilling journey that pushes the boundaries of human potential. And if you think you’ve seen it all, wait until we reveal the mind-boggling feat of wingsuit landings without a parachute. So buckle up, because this is one wild ride you won’t want to miss!

The Last Flight of Dwain Weston: A Tale of Extreme Sports


In the adrenaline-charged world of extreme sports, the name Dwain Weston resonates like a thunderclap. Hailing from Australia, this audacious BASE jumper, skydiver, and wingsuiter had carved out a niche for himself in the pantheon of daredevils. With over 1200 successful base jumps to his name, his daring feats had made him a living legend.

One of Weston’s most memorable jumps was from the dizzying height of the 73rd floor of the Petronas Towers in Malaysia. This daring act was a testament to his skill and guts, positioning him as a global icon in the extreme sports arena.

Notable JumpsLocations
1Petronas Towers, Malaysia
Over 1200Various locations worldwide

However, it was his final jump that would immortalize him in the history of extreme sports. Captured in a chilling video titled “Whatever Happens Happens,” this jump was a stark reminder of the risks associated with such high-octane activities.

The video of Dwain Weston’s last flight serves as both a gripping testament to his fearless spirit and a sobering reminder of the inherent risks in extreme sports. This harrowing tale, forever captured in video, would go on to define the legacy of this audacious Australian daredevil.

A Fatal Flight Caught on Camera

The video, a haunting memento from the Swiss Alps, immortalizes the last exhilarating minutes of Dwain Weston’s life. Weston, an indefatigable daredevil, had embarked on a perilous journey of proximity flight, a heart-stopping stunt that requires the wingsuiter to skim the surface of the Earth or glide precariously close to physical structures.

As the camera rolls, you see Weston, his wingsuit unfurled like a bird in full flight, catapulting himself into the abyss of the narrow canyon. His fearless plunge into the void, a symbol of his unyielding spirit, is simultaneously awe-inspiring and unnerving. The footage is a visual symphony of human defiance against gravity and a stark reminder of the sheer audacity of extreme athletes who dare to redefine the limits.

As he navigates the jagged edges of the canyon, Weston executes a series of gravity-defying aerobatic maneuvers, each one more audacious than the last. The footage encapsulates the raw, unfiltered thrill of wingsuit flying, moments of pure exhilaration punctuated by the sublime beauty of the surrounding landscape. It’s a breathtaking spectacle, a heady mix of fear, adrenaline, and the relentless pursuit of the extraordinary.

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But what makes this video a poignant part of Weston’s legacy is its brutal honesty. It doesn’t shy away from the inherent risks of such extreme pursuits. Instead, it embraces them, showcasing both the euphoric highs and the devastating lows of a life lived on the edge.

In the world of extreme sports, the phrase “Whatever Happens Happens“, immortalized by Weston, is more than just a casual remark. It’s a testament to the audacious spirit of athletes like Weston, who, in their quest for the unfathomable, embrace the unpredictable nature of their sport.

The Unforeseen Tragedy at Royal Gorge Bridge

On an autumn day, October 5, 2003, the audacious daredevil Dwain Weston found himself standing on the precipice of a new challenge. This was the inaugural Go Fast Games, a congregation of extreme sports enthusiasts, and eyeing the highest suspension bridge in the world—The Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado. At 956 feet above the river, the bridge was a sight to behold, a marvel of human engineering juxtaposed against the grandeur of nature. It was here that Weston decided to make his mark, to fly over the bridge in a daring wingsuit flight.

The day was fraught with anticipation. An estimated 200 spectators on the bridge held their breath as Weston and his jump partner, Jeb Corliss, prepared for their leap. The plan was ambitious and risky – Weston would fly over the bridge, while Corliss swooped under it. The gravity-defying dance was set against the backdrop of Colorado’s rugged terrain, a testament to their fearless spirit and the unpredictability of their chosen sport.

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With cameras rolling, the crowd watched in awe as Weston launched himself into the air, his wingsuit billowing against the wind. However, the exhilaration was short-lived. As the spectators watched, a chilling reality unfolded. Weston had miscalculated his trajectory, leading to a catastrophic collision with the bridge’s railings at an estimated speed of 120mph.

“The impact was shattering, triggering his parachute to deploy. But the cruel hands of fate had played their part—it was too late.”

Weston’s body, caught in the grip of his parachute, was carried by the wind into the canyon below. His partner, Corliss, landed safely but in shock – Weston’s blood smeared on him and Weston’s severed leg hauntingly lying on the ground next to him. The crowd was left in stunned silence, their cheers replaced by gasps of disbelief. This was not the spectacle they had come to see.

The Royal Gorge Bridge, once a symbol of human achievement, had become the scene of a tragic event that would forever change the world of wingsuit flying. It was a grim reminder of the high stakes and inherent dangers of extreme sports. But for Weston, it had always been about pushing the boundaries, about embracing the unpredictable, about living by the mantra “Whatever Happens Happens“.

The Aftermath and Legacy of Dwain Weston

The chilling echo of Dwain Weston’s fatal accident reverberates through the annals of extreme sports, serving as a haunting reminder of the unyielding risks that loom in the shadows of these audacious endeavors. The videos of his last leap, showing the aftermath on the bridge, continue to circulate widely, serving as a grim testament to the human cost of pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Yet, in the face of tragedy, the spirit of wingsuit flying remained unbroken. The world of extreme sports, known for its relentless pursuit of the extraordinary, continued to soar. A year after Weston’s death, Jeb Corliss, Weston’s jump partner, returned to the very same bridge, echoing his late friend’s daring by base jumping from its heights.

“If I die doing something I love, it is not throwing my life away.”

These words from Corliss encapsulate the shared philosophy of many extreme athletes: a steadfast belief in pushing boundaries and evolving through life, even in the face of potential danger. Corliss’ close brush with the canyon wall during his descent, serves as a stark reminder of the thin line that separates thrill from threat in the world of extreme sports.

Despite the risks, these athletes continue to chase the exhilarating rush that comes from defying gravity, a pursuit that was embodied by Dwain Weston. His ethos, Whatever Happens Happens, continues to resonate, inspiring a new generation of athletes to reach for the skies, reminding them of the beauty and peril that coexist in their daring endeavors.

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As the legacy of Dwain Weston endures, his story serves as both a tribute to the human spirit’s relentless pursuit of the extraordinary and a poignant reminder of the inherent dangers that come with it.

Pushing the Boundaries: The Audacious Pursuit of Wingsuit Landings Without a Parachute

After the poignant loss of Dwain Weston, the world of wingsuit flying didn’t grind to a halt. Instead, it found its momentum renewed, its boundaries further stretched by the audacious dreams of those who dared to fly. One such individual was Jeb Corliss.

Inspired by the charmingly simple flight mechanics of a flying squirrel, Corliss was determined to achieve what no man had hitherto accomplished. His audacious goal? To land from a wingsuit flight without the aid of a parachute. This unprecedented feat would involve Corliss jumping from an aircraft, reaching the hair-raising terminal velocity of approximately 120mph, and then landing on a meticulously designed $3 million ramp.

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“The flight of a flying squirrel is nature’s magic trick. I want to replicate it, to show that humans can defy their physical boundaries,” Corliss once said.

However, as fate would have it, the first successful wingsuit landing without a parachute was made not by Corliss, but by another daredevil, Gary Connery. In 2021, Connery set a new benchmark in the history of wingsuit flying. His landing was far from conventional – instead of a high-tech ramp, Connery used a DIY solution. A pile of cardboard boxes became his landing pad, a testament to the ingenuity and resourcefulness that extreme sports often demand.

This evolution in wingsuit flying is a testament to the sport’s relentless pursuit of pushing the envelope, a fitting tribute to Dwain Weston’s spirit. Weston’s story, immortalized in the poignant documentary “Whatever Happens Happens,” continues to inspire the next generation of wingsuit flyers. It is a stark reminder of the inherent risks that come hand in hand with the thrill of extreme sports. Yet, it also illustrates the indomitable determination of the human spirit to defy limits, even when faced with the most fatal risks.

Who was Dwain Weston?

Dwain Weston was a wingsuit flyer.

What was the title of the video capturing Weston’s last jump?

The title of the video capturing Weston’s last jump was “Whatever Happens Happens”.

Where did Weston’s last jump take place?

Weston’s last jump took place in Switzerland.

What happened during Weston’s last jump?

During his last jump, Weston collided with the iconic Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado, causing his parachute to deploy too late to save him.

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